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Thread: Gen 2: Aky System, Rapidbike 3, Hooked Carbon Airbox, Rearsets - UK

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    Gen 2: Aky System, Rapidbike 3, Hooked Carbon Airbox, Rearsets - UK

    Aprilia RSV RSV1000R Akrapovic Ti EVO Full System - *VERY RARE*


    £650 with Offers
    £25 Post by 48 Hr Courier

    Akrapovic EVO Ti Full System

    Little Use - Very Rare

    Aprilia RSV1000R 04+

    For sale here is an Akrapovic EVO system for the 2004 onwards Aprilia RSV 1000R. These systems never came standard on any of the bikes as this was a completely optional system (even on the Factories!).

    They were used on the Aprilia Challenge bikes with great success. It is the early 4 Rivet model as well which is better than the later 6 Rivet version as itís a slightly bigger bore system (and much bigger than the Factory Aky system to!).

    With the right fueling and this system, it really makes a world of differences to performance and they sound lush!

    It is in great condition. The right can has a very very very small dink at the inlet end (see pic) but hardly noticeable. If I didnít mention it, you probably wouldnít even notice ...

    The mid pipe has the proper Aky Mandrel bend to allow the sidestand to function without modification to.

    This is a chance to own a super super rare system. I only had it a couple months but a van driver wrote my bike off so I dont need it now.

    I have a suitable Rapidbike 3 Module up for sale in my other items which is perfect for this! Dont forget to get your ECU set to map 2 as well ... I also put the Race EVO map onto the ECU with the aid of Griff at Aprilia Performance (Using the Aprilia AXONE equipment)! And it ran beautifully like that!

    The RB3 unit was to perfect it. Just never got chance to ...

    It will be suitably packed and shipped fully insured. I would prefer cash on collection.

    I can be contacted on 07534519037 if you want any more info.

    Almost forgot, also comes with:

    Carbon Strap x2
    Akrapovic Springs
    Carbon Hanger (Pillion Peg Replacement) x2

    Grab a bargain!!!

    I paid a couple hundred more than what Iím asking in May this year! A true bargain for a rare system!


    Dimsport Rapidbike 3 - Aprilia RSV100R RSV - Rapid Bike ECU, Power Commander

    Duel Fuel Maps, Custom Ignition Mapping, much more powerful than PC!!!

    £180 with Offers
    £15 Post by 48 Hr Courier

    Dimsport Rapidbike 3 Module

    Harness for RSV1000R 04-06 Standard/Factory/Nera

    2 Months Old - Prefect Condition

    With Optional USB Harness - Worth £50

    For sale here is a Dimsport Rapidbike 3 Module with the harness for the Aprilia RSV100R Standard/Factory/Nera 04-06 bikes.

    This is a much more powerful unit than the Power Commander modules and has many more features including Ignition mapping which can unless more power and can improve responsiveness ten fold with our higher quality fuels (most bike are retarded to use lower quality fuels around 89-91 RON, our Standard over here is 95 RON!).

    It was on my bike for 2 months but it just got written off to a lovely chap in a van! Had this booked in at John Warringtons who specifically deals with these modules and knows his stuff !

    I will add some blurb about it below:

    It manages the Injection Mapping directly by acting between the original ECU and the Fuel Injectors.
    It can adjust the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder depending on the number of engine revolutions and the Throttle Position.
    On Two Cylinder motorcycles it can also allow each cylinder to be mapped individually or you may elect for two individual maps that can be selected by the optional RB map switch.
    By acting directly on the injection signal, Rapid Bike can manage it with a percentage ranging from -100% to +100% on an adjustable 8-column Throttle Position and 30 lines for the RPM values.
    The delay on the original injection signal is only 8-15ĶS.
    Additional functions such as accelerating pump, electronic quick-shifter, a map per cylinder for two-cylinder vehicles and map switch for motorcycle, quad or scooter, are part of the remarkable features of Rapid Bike 3. Additionally, it also has a function for pit-lane RPM management limiter.

    The Rapid Bike 3 Module additionally offers an adjustable accelerator pump, optional quick shifters, a map per cylinder for two-cylinder twins and a 2-map switch for quad or scooters enabling the switching of 2 custom maps on the fly.

    The injection function is the same as The Rapid Bike 1 Module above.
    The ignition modifications allow -10 į (retard) to +10 į (advance) with the advanced opportunity to set different sensitivity levels of the hall signal through the Rapid Bike Pro Software. This feature enables exact optimal tuning.
    The RPM limiter management control allows you to add up to 1200 RPMs depending upon model of motorcycle before the engine will cut out.
    Multiple map set-up 4 injection maps and 1 ignition map in multiple configurations:
    One injection map per cylinder plus one advance map
    One injection map for cylinders 1-4 and one for cylinders 2-3 plus one advance map
    One injection map for cylinders 1-3 and one for cylinders 2-4 plus one advance map
    Double set of ignition injection maps (set1: injection1 advance1; set2: injection2 advance2) which can be selected on the fly by an included handlebar switch. Each map configuration may have a different RPM limiter setting.
    It also has a function for pit-lane RPM management.
    It can communicate with the RB-O2 Lambda Modulator through a DLL channel to obtain a precise managing of the stock ECU preventing logic looping and rough running. Using this Rapid Bike RB-02 Modulator will allow total open loop tuning on the Euro 3 ECUs.

    As you can see ... A rather powerful little unit that many teams in the BSB are using ... They just dont like to advertise it, so they keep there advantage!

    Much more powerful than the PC units and a bargain to boot!

    One more advantage is the fact the module is itís own unit. You can buy just a harness for a bike and add the module to it. So buy the module once, and just buy a new harness for each new bike (£50 ish I think for a new harness). Much cheaper than buying a hard wired unit like the PCís and BAZZAZ which have to be bought for every bike!

    Iíd be keeping this unit if it wasnít for the fact my new bike has a Hacked ECU.

    Item will be well packed and sent by fully insured courier!

    Utter Bargain!


    Aprilia RSV RSV1000R Carbon Hooked Airbox Conversion - Pipercross *RARE*


    £10 Posted by 48 Hr Courier
    £10 Posted by Special Delivery

    Aprilia RSV1000R Carbon Fibre Hooked Airbox

    Complete Conversion Kit

    2 Months Old - Pipercross Filter

    For sale here is a Carbon Fibre hooked airbox for a Gen 2 (2004+) Aprilia RSV1000R. Itís an ĎExtreme Performanceí unit (on and they make some nice bits of kit.

    I have countersunk the screw holes and just improved on the finish myself as they do need a bit of work if you bought one new. The seller doesnít seem to do this so itís know they need some polishing ... So this one is basically ready to go!

    I have also made a fuel/water resistant paper gasket for it to sit on top the throttle body. You need the velocity stack out the standard airbox to!

    These sell for £150+ so this is a bargain!

    Like I said earlier, itís 2 months old, so both the Air filter and Oil filter are pristine! My bike was written off so this is now surplus.

    The only issue you may find ... I removed a threaded insert to hold the left hand sensor on as I had intended to drill through and put a nice polished spacer in as Iíd thought itíd look a little smarter! I never quite got around to it, but I can do on the buyers request! Youíll just have to find a suitable spacer then, but I will drill and tap if requested .

    Utter bargain!

    Will ship well packaged and via fully insured courier. Could also send through Special Delivery but cash on collection would be preferred, but not essential!


    Aprilia RSV1000R Billet Rear Sets


    £100 with Offers
    £10 Post by 48 Hr Courier

    For sale here is a set of Billet Rearsets for the 2004+ Aprilia RSV1000R.

    They are a very nice set made from, I beleive, proper billet. Very strong, very shiney and very very nice.

    I dont see them very much so they are a rare set, but they are of much higher quality than these chinese sets. Much thicker, much stronger.

    What you see in the pics is what you'll get.

    Sent by 1st Class or Special Delivery and well packed!



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    PM sent RE hooked box and RB3

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    Hooked Airbox and RB3 Sold

    Just the Aky and Rearsets!

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