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Thread: Silver 03 mille spares for sale

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    Silver 03 mille spares for sale

    As indicated in the title I've still got some 03 mille spares lying around in the spare bedroom which need moving to make space for even more bike spares
    This is my previous mille which I low sided, I've sold alot of the parts but have a few left I'd like to shift. Obviously I want to make some money and you want a bargain so hopefully we'll meet somewhere in the middle. I'm not interested in people bidding against stuff, just first come first served....make me a sensible offer and it's yours.
    I can e-mail you any pictues you're after just get in touch.

    Right radiator complete
    rear axle complete
    rear wheel
    lower fairing/belly pan which has the normal stone rash and a scuff right on the bottom which could be easily hidden
    fairings which are damaged, scraped cracked
    throttle bodies
    throttle grip plus cables
    both pegs but I have stolen the lighter heel guards for my current bike so these have the solid 02 ones fitted
    oil resevoir
    side stand which has had the kick down pin rewelded
    swing arm which is marked where the exhaust has struck it.
    left hand switchgear
    wiring harness
    rear hugger
    fuel tank in great condition

    There other brackets and odds and sods so if you need something along those lines giz a shout

    Cheers Dave

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    hi do you have a speedo sensor for sale??

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    I haven't sorry, I sold it a while back....I need one myself now! Typical eh

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