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Thread: RSV4 Road Fairing - Factory

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    RSV4 Road Fairing - Factory

    I have the following items for sale off my 2011 RSV4 Factory

    All items taken off after 120 road miles, so in mint condition:

    L & R side fairings
    L & R lower belly pan fairings
    Front Fairing
    L& R Air intake cover panels
    Riders seat
    Pillion seat
    Front infill panels
    L & R Lower tank fairings in matt aprilia carbon
    Front light
    Rear light
    Side stand
    Rear pillion pegs
    Number plate holder
    Tank Cover - Red
    Rear Indicators

    Ideally I would like to sell in one, but happy to sell in small bundles.

    I'll consider any reasonable offers


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    Hi Ryan, do u have the 2011 RSV4 Factory fairings, yet ?
    How much in all parts, Im very interested !!

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    2,522 still got the V4 or is it away now?? Hows the Kwak??

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