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Thread: 2008 RSV 5500miles $7500 NEGOTIABLE never down!

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    2008 RSV 5050miles $7500 NEGOTIABLE never down!

    Hi Guys, for sale is my 08 rsv. shes all stock except for a puig tinted windscreen, clear turn signals and an Ohlins steering damper. never been down. shes FLAWLESS
    **but the only bad thing is the tank has a few small bubbles in it. this in typical of the newer rsv's. all you have to do is after your done riding is just open the gascap and let the air out.
    if you have any questions please text 1815-876-7401 i dont get on here as much. passenger seat included aswell as the cowl. theres the same bike on here for 9k. im selling for 7500 and will negotiate. thanks!! shes a steal! text for pics aswell
    email if you cant text. thanks
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