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Thread: Wheels - OZ and Brembo

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    Wheels - OZ and Brembo

    Evening all

    Right, I've got 3 sets of wheels sitting in the garage and I only need 1 set for the track bike. They'll all bolt straight into any 98 - 03 RSV or Tuono with axial brakes. Anything with radials will need the 5mm spacers for the front discs.

    The OZs came out of a mint 2000 RSV-R, Brembos from a 2003 Tuono and 2000 RSV respectively. They can come with or without discs however the buyer prefers. 2 out of these 3 to sell then:

    OZ, mint - 600
    Brembo, mint - 300
    Brembo, some marks - 275

    Prices exclude courier delivery but include discs, 75 less if you don't need the discs.

    You can collect if you prefer, I'm 15 mins north of Lincoln, or I'll be at Griff's suspension day on 16th December if that helps.



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    Swop you a mint set of polished brembos and some cash for the ozs?

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    Was just thinking that jase!!! Jon......if jase doesn't take them and you are willing to do a part ex with my brembo's, give me a shout bud......for my WOW's!!!!

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    Sorry fellas, not looking for part ex deals as I've got too many sets already!

    OZs now provisionally sold. So, one set of Brembos still available


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