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Thread: Loads of RSV4 parts........

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    Loads of RSV4 parts........

    Please see my mate Grahams post on TDR forum.....

    HERE'S WHATS LEFT ,WITH PRICES........................ been asked for....

    UPDATE:Change of bike - garage clearance : all you could need or want RSV4 ( from '09 Factory ).

    Austin Racing carbon,stubby upswept can,can't remember model number/name(GP i think) but its the sweet one,loud as you like, with baffle, Titanium link pipe,clamps, springs,etc.Great condition,with fresh A-R sticker. 350 delivered, 325 collected.

    Austin Racing Rearsets, silver,(clear as A-R call it)road shift pattern, absolutely as new and gorgeous in every way. 265 delivered, 250 collected.

    Bazzaz : Traction Control / quick shifter / fuelling, bar-mounted TC control / mapping switch,, mounting bracket, all wiring,packaging boxes and instructions in excellent working condition.
    265 delivered, 250 collected.

    Carbon sharksfin. 20 either way.

    Carbon chain cover.20 either way.

    Aprilia (DPM) fairing mirror blanks plus fitting bolts,as new. 20 either way.

    Aprilia (DPM) number plate mounting plate cover- etched RSV4,as new. 20 either way.

    Fully painted red,black,silver,track/race fairings, beautiful, unused by me.5 piece, nosecone,tail unit,with seat pad,2 sides with original RSV4 proud stickers,painted with red edging on black as per 2012 WSB, belly pan .Bought off "Scrooge" ,Frank,on here, 325 delivered,300 collected.

    Unpainted track/race fairing, in white gel-coat fibreglass track/race fairings, 3 piece plus airtubes,stickered up,easily removed. (tail-seat unit with pad, belly pan and top piece/nosecone)

    250 delivered,225 collected.

    Fuel tank,white,as new original road condition, no fuel pump or cap, excellent condition. 250 delivered ,225 collected.

    Road white bodywork: nosecone,headlights,- small crack in cente(beam) light, but shall include 3x white headlight covers with these,which I used)2 sides, black(matt) belly pan,used,great condition.
    -white 3 piece light covers. No tail unit,just whole front end : 275 delivered/250 collected.

    Road original exhaust carbon cover.20 either way.

    Road original rear pegs, one small scuff on LHS one, 30 delivered,25 collected.

    Regina chain, 525 x ring, done nothing, spare link,15t front, plus selection of Talon rear sprockets,45,44,43,42,only ft and 44 done anything,along with chain, all mint - will update details ( as bought from MIck - Mickaldo on here.)
    The lot : 175 delivered,150 collected.

    Road : ultimate 'plate for RSV4: on retention and ready to transfer,looks great on bike:

    P1 4 RSV , thanks to being the current WSB winning manufacturer.

    bargain @ 400 including smart plate.

    Oh yeah : Michelin Pilot Power 3s.. 120/70 and 190/55 done next to nothing, about 600 miles, wet, and half a damp low speed instruction day at Castle Combe cos were still on bike,so nicely lightly feathered to both edges, great tyres, last years,stored indoors, VVGC, 155 delivered ,140 collected.

    All above got to go quick, text/ call/ pm for prices,pics. Bid fair and you'll buy, package deals on job lots, am in Greater Manchester area, cheers,GB, 07989 861975
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