I bought this from a Mate last August,did a weekend away on it (400 miles) late August and its been sat on an optimate under an Aprilia fitted cover and not been used since.
Giving up bikes(various reasons) so its for sale.
Tax reminder came in the other week which spurred me into thinking about it again.
Its done 25000 miles,no history to speak of.
Mot Aug
Tax til thursday [IMG][/IMG]
I put it through its mot last Aug where it only needed head bearings.
Its got a legal fruity can(got std can also) decent tyres,sprockets etc,real nice condition,like i say i know the previous owner who has a wee collection and tbh spends most of his time cleaning.

Give me a shout on colinjknott @ hotmail dot co dot uk if interested... more pics etc

(I'm in Livingston)