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    04 rsv1000r

    Right Ive got to the point where I love the bike but the pain from and old injury is stopping me getting out. So Ive decided the best answer is to sell my bike and buy a Tuono or a Gen1 with so cash to do a high bar conversion. Well here are some pics of her, she is pretty much a blank canvas. She has had an easy life Im the third owner and my good friend was the person before so Ive known this bike 09 and Ive carried out any servicing including valves etc, hence why I brought her. There is lots of info you may want to know so just PM me. Basics are:
    Tax 12/13
    MOT 06/14
    Just had a full service
    New Pads front and rear
    New Chain and Sprockets
    New Batt with warranty
    Cans are a few months old and I have the standard ones
    She was Fluro Red and Silver but one of the panels had very minor scratches from being dropped by my mate so I had the painted black by a paint shop and the ears done to match.
    So the price well Im looking for a Tuono and may take a PX and cash on a Gen1 the price is 3000ovno Ive had an offer but the guy cannot get the money till Dec so Im open to offers just PM me.

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    Hmm well if anyone knows if a Gen1 top yoke fits a Gen2 let me know as I can see me converting her.

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