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Thread: *UK* 2001 Aprilia RSVR For Sale

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    *UK* 2001 Aprilia RSVR For Sale

    After a little bit of going back and forth I'm going to put my 2001 Rsvr up for sale. I brought this just over a year ago, It was in a bit of a sorry state, and to be honest it has remained in a sorry state. The intention was to buy it and return it to its former glory.

    However 3 weeks ago a member on RSVR.Net dropped the price of the bike he was selling and I just felt it was to good a bike to miss out on. So I picked that bike up, with the intentions of selling my bike on. I then thought about keeping my bike and turning it to a track bike but deep down I know i should be selling it on as the money should be going towards other things.

    So its going up for sale. The good things about the bike is the very low mileage. Its got just over 10,000 miles on. Which for a bike of this age is really good in my opinion. It's got a long list of previous MOT's along with a fair chunk original paper work. I have just done an oil and filter change last week. And most importantly being the R it has the OZ wheels, and Ohlins Suspension etc.

    The bad bits are the terrible paint job it has from when the previous owner had a low speed drop, The fact that the bike only has one key, which for some reason has always annoyed me. There are a few various scrapes and cracks in some of the fairings. The bike could probably also do with a trip to Aprilia Performance for them to do there thing.

    The bike rides great and I could see it making a perfect track bike if someone wanted to turn it into one. I took it out round brands 2 weeks ago and it was brilliant. I'm planning on selling the bike standard as I would like to keep the exhaust and airbox that i've fitted as an option for my new bike. It has a Dataool Evo alarm fitted but I could always remove it if a buyer doesn't want it. Im looking for 2300 but I'm open to offers

    Here is a couple pictures of the bike and a picture of the bike in action round brands the other week. If anyone wants any more pics or a bit more info give me a shout.

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    Chances are this bike is going to end up being taken to bits to sell for parts. Just before I commit to that I just want to find out what sort of interest there is for all the various parts. I already have someone interested in wheels which is a good start.

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    i would like the mesh side panels if you do pls

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    All parts are now going to be available from this complete bike. You will have be patient with me as currently the bike is still in 1 piece. So I will be stripping it down as per parts request. You will have to bare with me as I haven't sold a bike for parts before and only doing it on this occasion as the bike it's self wouldn't sell.

    Couple guys on RSVR have first shout on the wheels and tank. Stormav has the side mesh panels if he still wants them. A basic list of the most common parts with prices will be available to view on here shortly.

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    All parts will need postage added unless you want to pick them up yourselves. All other parts available so please ask if interested. If you require individual pictures then please message me. Thanks

    OZ Blue wheels with tyres (No Disc’s) - 650

    Pillion footpegs - 30

    Rear Seat (Ripped) - 45

    Mivv Exhaust - 175

    Exhaust collector - 100

    Downpipes X2 - 25

    Performance air filter kit - 100

    Clocks - 120

    Carbon Clock Panel- 30

    Headlight - 120

    Engine 1100 miles - 450

    Ohlins Forks - 500

    Ohlins Shock - 260

    Ohlins Damper - 120

    Discs - 120

    Seat Hump - 60

    Carbon Fibre front mudguard - 50

    Carbon Fibre Rear Mudguard - 50

    Fuel Tank With Pump - 100

    CDI With DR ROSSI CHIP - 100

    Front fairing

    Rear Fairing

    Side/Belly pan.

    Frame With V5

    Rear subframe

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