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Thread: 2002 Mille R Engine - $350

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    2002 Mille R Engine - $350

    This engine came from my 2002 Mille R with 30k miles on it. Last time I checked the valves were all in spec. The motor did not burn a single drop of oil nor did it leak anything at all when I removed it. It ran absolutely amazing!

    The motor doesn't include the radiators, oil cooler, throttle bodies, or wiring harness / ECU.

    I'm asking $350 for the motor plus freight shipping costs.

    I'm located in the US so shipping international might be a lot of money but if the buyer pays for it I'm happy to do it.

    PM me if you want it!

    photo 1.JPGphoto 4.JPG

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    List it on as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by redratbike View Post
    List it on as well
    Will do! Almost slipped my mind.

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