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Thread: Maxton Fork Internals (Showa)

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    Maxton Fork Internals (Showa)

    Taken from 2006 Aprilia Tuono R, so should fit most 43mm Showa's I think...please check.
    These worked brilliantly, and are a nice improvement over the standard setup.
    I've recently upgraded to Maxton GP30's, so now selling original Maxton setup that came out.
    Therefore, there's a complete set of Maxton fork internals for grabs.
    Everything, pistons, valves, spacers, springs (.95...suit 12 to 15st) fork caps, needles, rebound and compression valves....everything.
    All straight and undamaged, but a few marks (wear & tear) on fork caps.

    75 delivered.

    Will post on fleabay next week.

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    First dibs mate, will message you later

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    Think someone dibbed these on this morning

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