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Thread: Very very trick RSV Factory

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    Very very trick RSV Factory

    Right where to start. We built this bike over the course of last year for a customer, but unfortunately due to personal reasons it is up for sale.

    The bike is an 04 RSV Factory with 6200 miles on the clock (only done 600 miles since completion), but not a lot of the standard bike is left.

    The mod's include:

    1103cc bigbore
    Power Commander v
    Dynojet quick shifter
    Evo air kit
    Mivv GP can's
    Full carbon fairings
    Carbon petrol tank
    Dymag carbon wheels
    Galfer wavy disc's
    Sigma slipper clutch
    Samco hoses
    Translogic dash
    Gilles rearsets
    Pazzo levers
    Oberon clutch slave
    Full Pro bolt fitting kit
    New chain and sprockets
    New Michelin tyres
    R&G fork, swing arm and bar end protectors
    Zero gravity dark double bubble screen

    And probably more that I have forgotten.

    He is looking for 7500 ono, I know that is a lot for an 04 Factory but this has just had 14'000 spent on it. If there is enough interest he will consider breaking it (that will break my heart).


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    Wow,,,that's stunning

    In 6 months time I'll have the cash for a new bike and nothing like this will be for sale I bet

    Did you ever get it on the scales or dyno?

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    It has 144bhp at the wheel, never got round to weighing it. If I had the cash spare I woild buy it in a heart beat, this bike is awesome, the pictures dont do it justice and it pulls like fook lifts the front off the throttle in 4th

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    Wow! That is stunning

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    Want it!! Wish I could afford it!!!!!!!

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    Very nice! I vote to break it.

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    Wow! Xrated 18+ pictures.

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