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Thread: Factors influencing the bearing seal degree

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    Factors influencing the bearing seal degree

    For bearing seal degree, there are two main factors affecting bearing seal performance, processing and manufacturing precision, cooperation between various parts and assembly quality. To solve this problem must be in-depth study of the two.
    The influence of the sealed bearing precision manufacturing:
    Sealed bearing, though not clearly indicate the precision of the level of pain tolerance, but should be appropriate P5 class, in the sealed bearing is mainly due to the relative performance of the sealing performance, the accuracy of the analysis of the rotating. SKF 6207 -FANADE Bearings outer ring end face sealing performance is very strong to beat effect, will cause the oil bearing area along the axial frequency repeated inhalation, spit out the grease and dust escape phenomenon dustproof performance increase, due to the intrusion or seal leakage of oil on the lip, axial movement, lead to inhale vomit in alternating across in the process of dissolving fat, grease and dirt, dust, deteriorating even further. Must be connected to the rotation of the dimensional accuracy and improve the precision of processing and other related manufacturing strict tolerance requirements.
    Coordinate the sealing performance between the parts and assembly quality:
    (1) the inner ring and outer ring seal groove seal NSK bearing inner ring and outer ring seal groove is fixed rubber ring (outer ring seal groove), and to ensure that the requirements of the gap (seal groove), its size and shape tolerance is important, but bad tests in the manufacturing process, to ensure that rely mostly on the forming tool. For the detection and control of the inner ring seal groove more convenient, but at present the design of the sealing contact area should be increased to beat the channel (or end) of the project. Due to the tank before the heat treatment process of seal, seal groove cleaning problems, has affected the noise of the sealed bearing. Expert proposal, study after heat treatment, using hard turning processing seal groove now, bearing in this attempt to small enterprises.
    (2) the cause of the inner chamfer size, why this problem separately, because the frequency is high. No matter what kind of internal structure, inner diameter and at the end of the chamfering, must be strictly controlled. Seriously affected the seal, so here chamfer should be as small as possible.
    (3) the quality of the rubber sealing ring structure, the manufacturing precision of NSK bearing materials and seal the important factors that affect performance. Bearing in the process of running, the internal temperature is higher than outside, internal pressure than the outside, due to the difference of rigid ring, ring, will result in warping.
    (4) seal and seal clearance seal of NSK bearing outer ring seal groove position usually depends on the diameter and diameter of the interference fit positioning, if outer seal groove size tolerance, position is not reliable. In the experiment of annular part products are light activity, even the phenomenon of steering, affect the sealing performance.
    NSK bearing sleeve (5) will take place in the phenomenon of operation, lead to bearing vibration, noise, and improve the performance, and easy to cause fat black. Because of the seal groove is too wide, in a sealed contact cage, two phase ground or collision, ring soon deformation, severe losses of bearing seal performance of manufacturing quality control as an important point should be.

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