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Thread: 2002 Mille R F/S

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    2002 Mille R F/S

    Here we have my much loved 2002 Aprilia RSV-R1000 Mille in Matte Black, It has 9500 miles, I have enjoyed the bike for around 3 years, prior to this I owned a K7 and K5 GSXR1000 and find the Mille way more fun and better to ride. Last winter I put the Mille in the garage stripped it down and removed the big heavy rear end and rear subframe and replaced with a RSV4 tail and stumpy custom exhaust, I then fitted some tuning mods and had it dyno’d where it made 122bhp (with dyne print out)at the rear wheel and a crazy amount of torque, As most people know with these V twin bikes its not about power on paper but the kind of power these bikes deliver. This bike feels like a completely newer version with the mods carried out giving it a better riding position and making it turn into the corners quicker and pull out very nicely.
    Extras from the factory include
    * Oz lightweight racing forged wheels (saving 25% weight),
    * Ohlins suspension,
    * Ohlins steering damper,
    * Lots of Carbon fibre goodies,
    * Brembo brakes,
    Other extras:
    * Renegade Air induction kit * Dr Rossi Eprom
    * Rear LED light,
    * Custom LED indicators all round,
    * Private Reg plate worth 400,
    * Power commander,
    * Rolling road dyno tuned,
    * Custom made stainless steel exhaust,
    * Custom Jester RSV4 tail unit,
    Im looking for a track bike so need to sell up or SWAP for track/race bike, Ive had this on Knockhill once and think its just too good and has too much sentimental value after the time and money I've spent on it. Looking for 3550
    Just serviced around 1k miles ago.

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    Love that back end on mine,how much did it all cost cos i want it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglad View Post
    Love that back end on mine,how much did it all cost cos i want it lol
    Its the bollocks mate!! Not sure how much it all cost, Probably around 1k for everything, but that was including exhaust, dyno, Power commander, LED lights, LED indicators....Infact it was probably well in excess of 1k thinking about it, don't like adding things up as it gets depressing lol

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