Folks, I've got an Oxford Humpback tankbag in red for sale. It comes with the type of base which is fixed to the tank with webbing straps so it's perfect for RSV's with plastic tanks as obviously magnetic types wont work. Expands to increase size by unzipping all the way around the bottom edge. Has rucksack type straps which fold away underneath when on the bike. Can be used as a tailpack as well I believe as it has 4x plastic d-rings along the bottom edge. The only little thing I'd point out is that the main compartment zips have an thin edge to the covering flap which has frayed a bit at one end. However all I've done to remedy this is apply a thin strip of black insulating tape along it and to be honest you would be hard pressed to notice this had been done as you can see from the pics. The base which straps to the tank has faded a little in the sun (hard to see from the pics) This is a great little tank bag and can swallow a surprising amount - says 28L but seems like more. Asking 30 including postage to a UK address. Reason for sale? Well, I've bought another one in the same colour - yeah, they are that good! When I first bought my original one I wrongly assumed all Mille's had plastic tanks and therefore bought the tankbag with the strapon base. My Gen 1 2000 model has a steel tank though so I've bought an identical Humpback but this time with a magnetic base. This one is therefore surplus to requirements.