Folks, I have put together a rear hugger decal kit for Gen 1 Mille's and Tuono's. Initially I just did this for myself but I thought if enough interest was displayed I could maybe put more kits together for anyone else who wants one. Stuck a quick post up on the Facebook page and it looks like a few folk are interested.

So, I've sourced enough materials to start an initial batch and they should be ready to dispatch by the start of next week. There are hugger decal kits available on eBay which use plain red vinyl wrap but these use '5D High Gloss Carbon' wrap. The consist of 4 parts, two red, main parts, the 'Aprilia' lettering in white and a small Italian tricolour flag. The Aprilia lettering and flag will already be applied so all you need to do is fit two parts on your hugger and your done.

These decals are cut to fit a Gen 1 RSV or Tuono hugger. I have no idea if they will fit a Gen 2 hugger or any other Aprilia hugger for that matter. You would need to measure your hugger and see what size it was. The dimensions are - Main part : 28.5cm long by 8.5cm wide. Smaller part :7cm long by 8.5cm wide. Feel free to measure your hugger if you have anything other than a Gen 1 and if you think it will fit, feel free to buy one and give it a go. They can of course, be trimmed to a degree. Wink

These are easy to fit and look top notch on a hugger, carbon or OEM plastic.

They are 9.99 inc postage to a UK address. Overseas postage I'll need to check but happy to send abroad.