What you doing this weekend

Morning all,
i have just been offered a TT ticket , guys dad died last week and cant go.

its for this friday evening 26th out to the island and back on wednesday 31st, so you'd get to watch 3 practice sessions and ride the mountain etc.
or use it to get out a week earlier if you've already booked and sell your outgoing ticket to someone else etc.its for bike and rider only but a quick call to steam packet and they will add a pillion/foot passenger.

Please share on any other forums etc.

Fri 26-May-17 19:15pm Arr 22:00pm
CheckIn Closes * 26-May-17 17:45PM

Wed 31-May-17 13:45pm Arr 16:30pm
CheckIn Closes * 31-May-17 11:45AM

originally cost 115.00

trying to get back as much as I can for him ...all ferrys sold out so grab it why you can