Hi Guys,
I'm selling my 06 Factory, Black and Grey with the Gold frame
It's MOT runs out on the 16th May.
It's standard in engine and bodywork wise but I have replaced the standard exhausts with 2 carbon SP Engineering cans, sounds beautiful. she also has aftermarket levers.
I still have the standard cans and levers.
Mileage to date 45,600 which I know will seem high to some but as she will be 12yrs old in March thats not so high a mileage if you consider that it works out at 3,800 miles per year.
I am the 2nd owner and have only put 500 miles on her since last May, due to work I just don't have the time to ride anymore.
It is not Immaculate but it is in good condition and I could waffle on and on about her but I won't because we all need to see such items in the flesh and make our own minds up as to what we think it is.
To that end I shall leave it there, any one who is or might be interested can reply here and then take it further if need be.

I've ummm'd and arrrrrrr'd over what I think she is worth, I'm going to say 3000 -ono, however like most selling there is room for negotiation but i will not be giving her away.
I am located in Surrey near Woking
I've tried adding pics but for whatever reason they won't load.

I will be advertising the bike on other well know sites but not fleabay.

Many thanks