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Thread: Custom 02 RSV Mille Race Bike

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    Custom 02 RSV Mille Race Bike

    Custom 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille for sale.
    18k miles. Current CA registration. $4,500 obo.
    Bike is located in Goleta, CA.
    Custom race fiberglass has endurance style headlight and taillight. Clean and stored indoors it's whole life.

    I’m having a hard time uploading photos here from my phone, but here is a link to the current Craigslist ad which has a bunch of photos:

    Raced 4 events late 2013, then parked due to injury and expenses. I put it down on both sides during the season, but was running frame and fork sliders so damage was minimal. In one case I went back out after lunch--the other case I was injured. Since then I've ridden this bike to the Eastern Sierras a few times, and around the Central Coast, and it rides straight and tracks well. I honestly don't want to sell it, but I need to.

    Except for suspension settings and gearing, the bike is prepped as if I were racing it this weekend. I did a fork service recently, and checked valve clearance less than 2k miles ago (I have never had to shim the valves, the clearances have been good since I owned it).

    A while back I sorted out a known Aprilia "brown connector" issue with the wiring from the alternator to the regulator rectifier. Also added a pigtail from battery out the side of the rear subframe, so you can charge/test the battery without removing anything. All my work is crimped, soldered, and heatshrinked. No crimp connectors. Battery is 6 months old.

    All bolts having anything to do with brakes, wheels, or fluids have been drilled for safety wiring. This is necessary in some race clubs.

    The bike DOES NOT have turn signals or mirrors installed. It has race footpegs with GP SHIFT (reverse pattern; up is down, down is up). I get away with no blinkers and mirrors, been riding that way most of my life. I hand signal quite a bit, which is legal during daylight hours. With a clip-on bar mirror, it's technically legal during the day. You need to know your skill level, and your local law enforcement. The reverse pattern shifting takes a bit to get used to, but is better in the long run. I definitely prefer it on road bikes.

    - Custom Sebimoto & Moto Forza Race Fiberglass, Zero Gravity Windscreen
    - Akrapovic 2 into 1 Titanium Exhaust System (with shortened can)
    - Completely De-restricted Intake Ducts and Snorkel + K&N Filter
    - High Velocity Throttle Body Stacks
    - Factory Aprilia Racing E-prom chip
    - Racing Front Subframe by Moto Forza
    - Billet Aluminum Race Clip-ons and Aluminum Throw-away Bars by Woodcraft
    - Ohlins Steering Dampener
    - Racing Rearsets with GP Shift and Break-away Foot Pegs by CF Motorsport
    - Race Clutch Discs and Springs by Barnett
    - High Performance Clutch Slave Cylinder
    - Factory Aprilia Racing Rear Wheel
    - Narrower 520 Race Chain and Sprockets

    I have a ton of spares and tools and stuff that go with this bike. I also have all the stock bodywork, tank (with keyed filler), foot pegs, handle bars, seat, etc..

    Thanks for looking.
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