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Thread: RSV Gen 1 parts for big bore

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    RSV Gen 1 parts for big bore

    Hi all,

    A couple of years ago I collected some parts with the plan to 1060cc big bore my Gen 1, that never happened and I sold the bike. Iím now clearing out the garage and the following parts need to go:

    2005 Gen 2 heads with cams (better flow than the Gen 1 heads)
    57mm throttle bodies
    Dynojet PC 3 USB (new)
    Gen 2 downpipes to fit the new heads

    Iíve just listed them on eBay but if anyone on here is interested in buying the lot PM me for a bulk price.
    Should also fit a 1100cc big bore.

    Hereís the link to the heads, look at the other items Iím selling for the other bits


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    Throttle bodies now sold, other parts still available.

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