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Thread: 2002 Aprilia Mille R track/street many upgrades!! SOCAL

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    2002 Aprilia Mille R track/street many upgrades!! SOCAL

    PRICE: $4,500 with a fresh prep.
    MILEAGE: 16.3k
    LOCATION: Orange county California USA
    Can arrange delivery to outlying areas.

    Trying to buy a home so need to pad the bank account a little more so one of the bikes needs to go. Unfortunately the Ape pulled the short straw. Bought this bike out of Texas off of here a number of year back, then went through the entire bike and made numerus upgrades along the way. Had a lot of fun weekends on it between a few long distance road trips, trackdays and canyon days. Bike is a solid performer and is setup as a camillion trackday/street bike. Plug-n-play LED light bar comes off as does the entire rear tail for track days or run it with the 2003 tail with carbon fiber pillion and KC HiLites LED's for the street. Nothing on this bike was hacked together, it is all done top shelf.

    ><>2002 Aprilia SPA RSV Mille R <><
    Vin #: ZD4RPU0142S000145
    Engine #: Rotax V99ORP 955192

    Body: Shark Skin full race body (two tails race & street)
    Street tail: 2003 tail with LED lights
    KCHiLites LED lights (removable light bar)
    LED front turn signals
    Carbon Fiber: exhaust hangers, finders, dash cover, and rear cowl lid
    Custom paint and pin striping by Richard Knight

    Engine Management: Power Commander 3 902-410 (usb)
    Attack Racing dyno tune max hp=115.5, max tq=72.4
    Valves adjusted by Amauri Nunes
    Thermostat: 65c #8102614
    Aprilia Low Temp Thermal Switch -#8112677
    Evoluzione airbox with short aluminum velocity stacks
    Early 2000-01 snorkel
    Ackrapovic SBK Racing dual exhaust with matching eprong
    Yoyodine slipper clutch
    Clutch slave cylinder: Oberon Performance
    Yoyodine/Euro Racing quick-turn throttle
    Tank full of race fuel foam

    Front Ohlin rebuilt by: Andy at Catalyst Reaction Suspension in Orange CA 8/2015 @ 11.4k
    Rear Ohlin shock

    Front wheel: OZ 17"x3.5
    Rear wheel: OZ 17"x6.0
    Tires: Michelin Power Road iv
    Front tire dimensions: 120/70-ZR17stock.
    Rear tire dimensions: 190/50-ZR17stock.
    Front brake master: new Brembo model for 2004-09 Aprilia RSVR 1000 with dash-2 lines @11.4k miles
    Rear brake master: new Brembo model 11.4k miles
    Pads: Galfery sintered g1375 @ 10k

    Woodcraft clip-ons (reservoir mounts, bar ends) (have stock)
    Woodcraft bar-ends notched for mirros
    CRG folding bar-end mirrors
    Woodcraft rearsets w/ gp shift
    Front brake master: new Brembo from 2004-2009 Aprilia RSVR 1000 with dash-2 braided line 11.4k miles
    Clutch master cyl: new Brembo from 2004-09 Aprilia RSVR 1000 w braided line @14.1k
    Rear brake master: new Brembo model 11.4k miles
    Clutch slave cylinder: Oberon Performance rebuilt @14.1k
    AVS short levers and mounts

    Battery: Shorai Lithium Battery new
    Regulator: Shindengen MOSFET FH012A used on late (06+) Yamaha FJR, 07+ Yamaha R1 1D7-81960-00-00.
    Starter Solenoid: Yamaha part # 4KD-81940-00-00 $40
    Shindengen MOSFET FH012A used on the late (06+) Yamaha FJR, 07+ Yamaha R1 1D7-81960-00-00.
    Ricks Motorsport Electric Stator PU21120243- $145 af1
    Dash soldered for LED turn signals
    LED headlights, taillights and turn signals
    Entire bike rewired and nearly all connectors replaced with weather pack connectors.

    Bike will have fresh/new clutch, brake, oil, filter & battery on delivery! (if asking price is met)
    Oil Filter: Aprilia OEM Oil Filter-part #0256187 (2.75 inch) -AP0256187
    K&N Oil filter: KN-152
    14,500 changed oil/filter
    14,100 new clutch m/c and slave
    11,360 flushed water 74oz, Lucas water wetter 10oz
    11,360 fuel filter AP8102971
    11,360 Ft Brake fluid flush
    14,100 Rr Brake fluid flush
    14,100 Clutch fluid flush
    11,360 NGK R sparkplug DCPR9E x4
    11,360 Forks serviced
    14,100/11,360 Sprag clutch, & gear replaced with new ktm
    11,360 Head gasket frt & rr
    11,360 New air filter
    11,360 New front brake master cyl
    11,360 New rear brake master cyl
    11,360 New front brake lines to dash 2
    11,360 New Shorai Battery
    10,000 Frt Brake pads replaced
    8,500 Rr Brake pads
    8,500 Ft/Rr Tires replaced
    11,360 Amauri Nunes service:
    Compression test 185 psi, both cylinders with cold engine
    Cam timing and front to rear phasing is correct
    Check for excessive play in camshaft drive mechanism
    Valve clearances checked/adjusted as needed.
    Flywheel key not damaged, replaced crank timing sensor and flywheel with timing triggers
    Installed a test ECU and EPROM
    Tested camshaft timing sensor per procedure in service manual
    Swapped complete throttle bodies injection and measured fuel pump output pressure
    Measured wiring continuity and connections between sensors and ECU connectors

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    Trying to get some pics up.

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    Did I mention most hardware has been swapped out for either TI or Aluminum? Also, fresh prep (Lucas Oil Synthetic racing oil, Lucas Oil Racing brake/clutch fluid, chain service. etc.)

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