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Thread: Engine died; codes 50; 40; P31, EFI

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    Engine died; codes 50; 40; P31, EFI

    Dear fellows

    I would like to asks your expertise about one problem which occurred exactly after 600+ km trip 1,5 km before home (lucky me). The bike is RSV 1000 factory 2009. This is the first time something happens with my Aprilia bikes during 5 years. Engine just died at once in city traffic . Electricity is there. On the display is EFI and also the red triangle is on. Starter do not engage as well - no reaction by pressing START button.

    I googled a bit and looked the codes. Bike displays the codes is: 50; 45 and P31. I did not found anything about P31. Might it indicate to something?

    Some guys suggested to check the fuses under the seat referring to possible short in somewhere . Fuses are fine.

    Please live your comments if have any

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    Hi, boys and girls,

    I got my bike back from local Aprilia diler. The cause of the problem was faulty speedo sensor which had a short and burned out the corresponding fuse. Fuel pump is backed by the same fuse. As a result the bike didn't start. Aprilia guys told that they have experienced different speedo sensor problems but not often a kind of which burn the fuse out.

    Have nice day)))

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