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Thread: full diablo black 02 mille bodykit and CF Bellypan for sale

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    carbon kid

    full diablo black 02 mille bodykit and CF Bellypan for sale

    For sale
    Diablo mattblack mille bodykit
    inc Tank, side panels, bellypan, front fairing,seat unit with single seat, all in reasonable condiiton.
    Buy them and I'l throw in a new set of front fairing decals and a haga rep front mudguard sticker for nowt.
    Open to offers PM me please and I'l send you a pic

    Also carbon bellypan for pre04 mille, needs some plastic repair, but 96 percent in good nick, would be perfect repaired and sprayed up matt black for your track whore!.(easiest way to lose LOADS of weight from the bike---all for a 100 quid!
    Cost me over 400 quid, sell for 100.
    PM me please
    cheers Andy
    (carbon kid)

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    Hello mate, sorry for the long delay in replying. I've had to have serious thoughts as to whether it was worth fixing up my RSVR given the damage, but I decided I am in the end! Can I just confirm, does the bodykit your selling include the air ducts? I didn't notice them on your picture in the other thread.

    I hate the way Aprilia fairings are in a thousand different peices!!

    Cheers mate. Steve.

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