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Thread: number plate bracket

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    Superbike Twin
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    Smile number plate bracket

    is there a tail tidy avaliable for the 03 mille r,or does anyone have aspare they want to sell so i can cut it up.cheers shaun.

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    carbon kid
    Guest do a nice lightweight one.
    avail from bout 30 quid I think. You need to trim the plastic 'wings' on the undertray. 5 min job tho.

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    I ordered one off, took 5 weeks and costs 43 after postage, vat etc.

    Wish i'd made one myself now


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    carbon kid
    oops, I always ask if things are in stock b4 ordering...well apart from the Cf tank that OPP racing kept me waiting 11 MONTHS for after quoting3.
    I would also have made one if I had the time/inclination.

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