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Thread: Alpinestars A10 leather/textile race

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    carbon kid

    Alpinestars A10 leather/textile race

    no piccie yet sorry, but I can email interested peeps.
    For sale, mint, worn once.

    Alpinestars A10 leather/textile pants. EURO 48. black
    These are superb, lightweight textile and leather racing trousers. Fit and stretch like the leather items, but light weight 1200D(very tough) textile and 1.2mm leather, knee slider patches and covers. Look the nuts.
    Have a look on demon tweaks or the alpinstars website.
    180 new, 145 to you.(plus p/p)
    No takers in a few days and they are going on ebay.
    If I hadnt eaten all the pies I would have kept these.
    interested? pm me

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    carbon kid
    It will have to be on sunday matey, sorry about that.I'm now working away for fri/sat.

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    carbon kid
    on ebay tonight at 8pm for 5 days, Buy it now 140 quid

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