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Thread: Nice set of leathers

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    Exclamation Nice set of leathers

    Anyone need some leathers found these on the bay ??

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    Such a shame there not my size!

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    Me too, only need to grow another 5" and put on a few stones.

    Good looking leathers though, good find for someone.

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    Your about the same as me then lol im 5'9 12 stone, so we'll be getting into a bidding war if a set turns up GRRR.

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    After what I have spent recently on carbon fibre bits, tyres, MPL clutch cylinder etc... If I spend anymore the chances are I'll be living in the shed with the bike.

    The missus doesn't know about the tyres as yet, gotta explain that one when they arrive.

    Although I did spot a nice set of leathers in your fine place of work that did tempt me. Here

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