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Thread: Rather Special ZX6R For sale 2300 or a very very.................very near offer.

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    Rather Special ZX6R For sale 2300 or a very very.................very near offer.

    Up for sale again, with better pictures this time, and a better price, was 2500, now only 2300 buy it now ovno, or bidding starting at 1999 end of summer bargin!

    This is my Kawasaki ZX6R J1P for sale, it has been my pride and joy for just under 2 years.

    16k miles on the clock, FULL SERVICE HISTORY (and i'm talking full, major services all done at the correct intervals) and oil+filter change every 2000 miles.

    roughly 9 months MOT + TAX

    The bodywork on this bike is PRISTINE!!!

    This bike has been well looked after with no expense spared, and has some rather special bits added to it, Heres a list of what it comes with:

    Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Bolt On exhaust (road legal but baffle removed) worth 200+
    Hel Stainless braided hoses (Front and Rear), worth 75
    Sprint Steering Damper (side mount 16 clicks adjustable) worth 175
    Custom made seat cowl (sprayed professionally) worth 120
    Carbon Fibre Hugger (pyramid) worth 70
    Carbon Fibre front Mudguard sides, worth 50
    Carbon Fibre Ram Air covers, worth 45
    Pirelli Diablo Corsa III Tyres, 200
    Headlight Protectors (only velcroed so can be removed) 20
    Spyball Alarm and Immobliser (CAT1) worth 200.
    Original Screen, Pillion Seat and Exhaust (useful for MOTs)
    As you can see this bike is in very good condition, and the trick bits on it alone are worth around 900, tons of receipts come with the bike, A folder full of service history, Old mots etc etc

    The only bad point this bike has is the paint on the wheels are flaking, apart from that there is absolutely nothing that is wrong with the bike, everything works and is as it should be.

    Owners Manual + service book all stamped etc

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    BIG UN
    very nice kwak mate,always sound the dogs balls zx's!
    the only colour to have em in too.
    good luck with the sale mate.

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    And the only exhaust to have on it too, I'll miss it for sure, but moving out is priority no.1!

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