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Thread: Two aprilia rsv exhausts

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    Two aprilia rsv exhausts

    Original one from y2000 rsv mille. It stayed in the garage for a while now and I dont realy need it. Price 70eur, which is around 60gbp

    And Aprilia Titanium, got it together with race fairings, wanted to use it for the track, but decited that Im to lazy to always change the exhaust. Its race only, so no homologation posible. What I heard from the previous owner its very loud, but preformes excellent(and he also had an Akrapovic sistem). It has a small dent on the pipe and is scratched on the bottom end of the can. Ti chip included.
    Price 140eur which is around 120gbp.

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    Price drop

    60eur for original and 125 for Ti

    No problem to send anywhere with ups.

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