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Thread: One Piece Leathers For Sale

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    One Piece Leathers For Sale

    Hein Gericke Pro Sports 1 Piece Leathers. 40" Chest, 34" Waist, 30" Leg.

    Ideal for someone with the above measurements who is around 5' 8" tall.

    Regrettably I bought these thinking yeah I'm those sizes, only to find I have a longer torso than normal and need the next size up.

    They in fantastic condition and look like they have only been worn a few times. (Not even broken in yet)

    Make me an offer but if it's stupid prepare to be offended. (Only kidding)

    PS. Tim (Areessmill) if your reading this (Fuck off) it wasn't my big belly or fat arse that caused them not to fit.
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    OK, no takers?

    Last chance before they go on Ebay!!

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