before this goes on ebay..
I have a full carbon bellypan, which was only 3 months old before I lowsided whilst trying to get my elbow down(not)
Its scuffed in two places and has a bit of damage, all easily plastic repairable and with a bit of paint would be invisible.The damage is on the right side only, 80 percent of it is fine
Seriously light bit of kit(ever noticed how heavy the oe one is), I use the replacemnt I bought with no acoustic padding with no probs, it must way 40 percent less than the original. Would be ace on the road or for your track mille.
Cost me 400 quid new. I'l take 100 plus shipping.
Give me your email addi (email me at ---if you are interested and I will email a pic.
(if you look in my garage you will see how the CF bellypan looks)
cheers Ck