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Thread: 98 - 00 Fairing parts

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    98 - 00 Fairing parts

    Ok so been going through my garage and I've got stuff I don't need as its doubles and triples of everything. Thought I'd put it up hear before it goes on the bay.

    So there's a fibreglass fairing set (i.e. nosecone - great condition, side fairings - fair condition and bellypan - fair condition).

    next is an OEM 98 - 00 fairing set (i.e. nosecone - one side is pretty grazed up but all the lugs etc seem to be in tact, side farings - in great condition, panels located below tank and seat unit - great condition, seat unit - has a geaze on one side but from memory all lugs are in tact (I'll have to confirm), rear seat cowl - structuraly great but looks like someone had a sticker on the top and pulled it off with some of the paint).

    Next up I have 2 healight units 98 - 00 (now one may be for a lefthand dip) they are both in ok condition although I think that one may have a crack on the lense (will have to confirm).

    Next up: Rear wheel that looks like the Oz but is just standard (may be standard fitment to new shape RSVR) it doesnt have a sprocket carrier but looks in good condition.

    Ok thats about all I can remember - I'll take sensible offers on all of it (haven't done any research into what its all going for at the mo (thats a job before it get posted onto ebay) so take a punt - I'll get some pics taken soon (its just too bloody cold at the moment). PM for any further info.


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