I've got a pair of SIZE 3, EURO 37 Alpinestars Goretex Boots. They're top quality. I bought them for the missus and they didn't fit. I forgot to take them back and they've sat here since. Don't have the box because it was massive and I picked them up on my bike. never been worn, completely new. Still got the tags on them.

I bought them in a rush and wanted quality gear for her feet, they didn't fit, I didn't have time to take them back to Infinity that day and I ended up buying a pair of some brand I've never heard of for 50 from J&S on our way to the A2 so she didn't have to wear plimsoles(!)the next day. The 50 boots are shite in comparison. these are proper boots and retail at 139.99 at Infinity.


the ones on the link are almost the same except mine have a plastic shin plate with Alpine Stars logo like their sports boots.

60 if anyone wants them. bargain.