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Thread: Wolf kangarooskin leathers

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    Wolf kangarooskin leathers

    I bought these new in the autumn of last year and paid 749.99 for them.
    I have NEVER worn the trousers and worn the jacket 3 times.
    Here's the problem, they are somewhat generous in size. 50" chest UK, 40" waist. I lost a couple of stone and have got back into my old Dainese that I bought the Wolfs to replace!
    They are super soft, light and very supple.
    I'd like 300 plus a tenner for postage if anyone's interested before I E-Bay them. Jacket alone is 339.99 in most places.
    Pics to follow in a few minutes.
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    I just tried some Wolf kangaroos on today (black ones)...beautiful soft leathers and fit great but well out of my price range (700) if you were my size i'd snap your hand off TT

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    Now sold.

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