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Thread: Track bike

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    Track bike

    Hi chaps,i,m selling an r1 track bike. 2001/2002 model.
    I bought this bike last year to save wrecking my tuono.
    I did 4 caddys and 1 mallory.
    Its capable of taking on the fast group.i started in novice group 1st time,then into intermidiates.easily 1 of the quickest out there.
    Any way i,ve gone back to my old love of enduro off road for this year ,and simply could do with some cash to finance it.
    I,ve already purchased the new bike so not bothered with any part ex.etc,etc.

    If anyone fancy a pop at track days it saves damaging your pride and joy.loads of bolt on spares (usuall break off stuff if dropped on a quick bend)runs a dream handles brill,i got trailor and spares etc.etc.its ready to go.
    Putting it on ebay next week reckon it will pull 1500 with trailor and spares.(also a couple of sets tyres)last you this season.

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    You got any pics mate?

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