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Thread: awning free to good home

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    awning free to good home

    as the title says ,

    i've got an old awning been sitting round for it off a mate who used it to park his LC in when racing the bemsa series ..not sure if its 100% waterproof so wouldnt use it to sleep in but ok for the cooker etc.the frames a bit of a nightmare but i've labelled as best i could and anyone with any common sense should be able to throw it did...i think its too good to throw out and was going to put it on ebay but cant really be bothered.

    approx 2.30 mts wide by 1.40 deep

    i can email pics as cant seem to use photobucket

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    ok i've cheated and uploaded a few pics into my you should be able to see what i'm on about

    i'm 5 mins from junc 4 of the m25 orpington

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    please someone take it.. its too good to throw

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    You've got PM buddy..........

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    Ok Andi , its all yours as per the P.M'S...THANK YOU

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