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Thread: Ducati Dainese one piece leathers 195

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    Ducati Dainese one piece leathers 195

    Bikes for sale so parting with my leathers as well. Yeah they're Ducati ones but they're Dianese and you could unstitch the ducati bit on them or use them for track days etc.

    One piece Dainese Ducati leathers with a dainese back protector
    Size 56 - however they've been tailored at the back for a better fit for a racing snake .

    I'm 6ft but of Cambodian proportions for a Mille rider i.e 32 waist 38-40 chest and they fit me just fine with room to spare. I reckon someone upto 34waist 42 chest can get into them - i.e tall and slimish

    Used but in good condition as per the piccies - not been down the road. Slight bit of wear at the waist by the zip and the velcro at the next for the flap that closes the zip needs replacing but apart from that they're in great shape and good used condition -theres a liner that comes out and is washable.

    Also with it is a red ducati paddock jacket - size fooking humungeous
    fits over the leathers just fine with loads of movement - it's that big me and my missus both got into it

    Few piccies at
    I can take any measurements if you need them - just drop us a PM

    Asking 195 and I'll cover UK postage



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    SOLD on Fleabay


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