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Thread: Oxford Tankbag Sports Expanding

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    Oxford Tankbag Sports Expanding

    Hi all,

    Well the bag is no use to me so thought I would get shot to put it towards my exhaust, got to get rid of that cannon

    The tank bag is in good nick and done me well for trips to IOM etc.

    The bag is made up of
    1: map/magnetic bas plate
    2: smaller bottom base bag
    3: expandable rucksack
    4: small bumbag type section
    5: couple of bungees
    6: belt strap for number 4 I guess, well thats what I use it for.

    it all zips together as below or you can have a small bag on the base plate, map base plate or a big one, you get the drift

    Open to offers guys, offered here first before it goes on the bay


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    How much are you looking for it Garvey and what size is it (litres)

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    Open to offer matie, gonna put it on ebay see what happens on monday.

    the size is roughly

    Length : 45cm
    Width : 32cm
    Height Unexpanded : 26cm (With all zipped together)
    Height Expanded : 36cm

    as for litres if pour water in it, it keeps coming out. so far i've put about 1000 litres in it and still got room for more sorry, think its about 36/40 litres

    ps, i've just found the waterproof cover that comes with it

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