does the same job as an 'optimate' charger
very useful (read essential ) if you have a V twin

brand new, boxed, never opened
i already have chargers on both my bikes and have no need for a 3rd
unwanted gift, 20 + 5 p&p or collect
paypal, cheque or cash on collection (funds must clear before posting)
32 - 36 on ebay with postage

spec below:

Product Specification

* Four step, fully automatic switch mode model.
* Charges lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) from 1.2Ah to 32Ah, 1.2-100Ah maintenance charging.
* Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance.
* Charges even drained batteries.
* Pulse recover of slightly sulphated batteries.

* Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent (170-260V).
* High efficiency: 85%
* Delivered with two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.
* The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles.
* Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly.

General Information

Manufacturer: CTEK
Part Number: XS800
Warranty: 60 Months

Weight: 1.0 Kg.
Additional Information
Ctek XS 800 Features
What Battery's Will It Charge?

The XS 800 charges lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) from 1.2Ah to 32Ah.

The charger can also be used for maintenance charging of 12V lead-acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 100Ah.

The XS 800 is easy to use. You do not need to make any settings. The charger adapts the charge to suit the battery and switches to pulse maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged.
How Does It Work?

The XS 800 has a fully automatic, four step charge:

1. Desulphation with pulsing for sulphated batteries.

2. Primary charging where approximately 80% of the charging takes place. The charger delivers maximum current until the terminal voltage has risen to the preset level. After a number of hours, the charger goes on to the next phase, even if maximum voltage is not reached.

3. Final charging, voltage is kept at the preset level. During this phase, the current is gradually reduced. If the maximum length of time for Absorption is exceeded, the charger automatically continues with Analysis.

4. State of charge varies between 95% and 100%. The battery receives a pulse when the voltage sinks, keeping the battery in good shape when it is not being used. The charger can be connected for months at a time. If the battery is charged and/or the batterys terminal voltage drops, the charger starts a charge pulse until the voltage has reached the preset level. The charge pulse is then interrupted and the cycle is repeated as long as the charger is in pulse maintenance phase. If the terminal voltage drops even lower, the charger automatically reverts to the beginning of the charging curve. If possible, check the water level in the battery.
Does It Have Any Safety Features?

* Electronic safe, the charger will not damage vehicle electronics. The battery does not normally need to be disconnected from the vehicle when charging.
* Minimal gas build-up and a patent-pending spark protection system.
* Short circuit and reverse polarity protected.
* Double insulation.
* Splash and dust proof (IP65) and approved for outdoor use.
* Progressive temperature protection.
* Tested and approved by Intertec SEMKO AB. S-marked and conforms to the following standards: EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29, EN 55014-2, EN 55022, EN 61000-3-2 and EN 61000-3-3

To protect the charger from overheating, the XS 800 is fitted with power limitation. The power reduces when the ambient temperature increases. The power also reduces if the charger were to be covered, which protects the charger from damage. The charger continues to work, but at a lower output. When the ambient temperature drops, the power automatically increases again.
How Do I Mount It?

The charger is easily fitted in place using two screws. The diameter of the mounting holes is 4.2mm.
How Does It Connect To My Battery?

The XS 800 is delivered with two different battery leads, one with clamps and one with eyelet terminals, all colour coded for easy +/- identification.

If the battery is difficult to access, the lead with eyelet terminals can be mounted to the battery, and the quick connectors are located so that it is easily reached for charging.

You can also purchase additional leads allowing you to have one lead with eyelet terminals fixed to all your vehicles with batteries that are difficult to get at, and charge them simply from the same charger.
Technical information

* Input voltage AC: 170-260VAC, 50-60Hz
* Output voltage Nominal: 12V
* Efficiency: 85%
* Charging voltage: 14.4V
* Charging current: 0.8A max
* Back current drain: <1mA
* Ripple: 10mV rms, 12mA (2%)
* Ambient temperature: -20C to +50C, output power is reduced automatically at higher temperatures.
* Type of charger: Four step, fully automatic switch mode with pulse maintenance.
* Type of batteries: 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM and GEL)
* Battery capacity: 1.2-32Ah (1.2-100Ah maintenance charging)
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 142x51x36mm
* Insulation: IP 65 (splash and dust proof)

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