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Thread: Gilles Variobars For Sale

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    Gilles Variobars For Sale

    Mate of mine (who goes by garethH on AF1 - so I don't know why he can't do this himself!) is selling a pair of Gilles Variobars.
    These are 51mm which means they'll fit the new shape R (which is what the packaging says they're for) and possibly the new shape Mille/Tuorno with Showas - can't be sure so you'll have to measure your forks. All I know is that they won't fit my 01 with Showas (53mm) or I would have had them myself
    If you don't know what these are, they're a set of multi-plane quick-adjustable clamps and bars with risers which give you (I think) 40mm higher bar position - most people who've fitted them reckon that you can use the standard cables and hydraulic lines and you should be able to get away without modifying the fairing as they have so much adjustment.
    Gilles make top quality German kit and these really have to be seen to realise what good quality they are.
    This particular set is in luscious black (clamps, bars and risers). Gareth bought them second-hand but they have never been fitted so are in 'as new' condition. They come with all the tools, fittings and instructions although his dog ate the box. Price 125 + P&P at cost. Contact me or search AF1 for garethH
    Yes, I know, pics to follow.

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    Baby Twin
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    would you be able to ship them to the us and if so what would the total be with shipping in us dollars


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    darren smith
    are these still for sale mate?

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