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Thread: 2003 RSVR for Sale

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    2003 RSVR for Sale

    2003 Black RSVR.

    2750 ono

    11730 Miles.
    10 months T&T.
    Serviced by myself.
    Tyres only have 600 miles on them.
    Owned bike for the past 2 years.

    As per normal for an 03....

    Ohlins front and rear
    Ohlins Steering Damper
    Radial Front Brakes
    Short ratio Gearbox


    Twin Renegade Exhaust *Sounds better than Awesome!!!*
    Renegade AirFilter Unit
    Chip to suit the above.

    Fitted with new top yoke to accept Renthal bars.
    Makes for a more comfortable ride.
    (Still have originals to enable you to have clips on again)

    Recently been fettled by Griff.
    Runs like a dream now!!
    Suspension sorted too.

    Either message me on here or call 07816 686048

    (top 2 photos taken last weekend, other 2 taken last year)

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    What condition is the bike (honest description), No offence but i have been to see many and people say there isnt a mark on it and there always something wrong.

    Also where abouts are you in the country.


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    Sent you a PM, but thought i would add it on here too.

    This bike has been used!! It is not driven to the local car park to be admired by all the other car park dwellers!

    It is just over 6 years old too with 11000 miles on it.

    Best i can describe is there are a few stickers missing, and some scuffs here and there. But what you would expect of a bike of this age and mileage.

    Just want to sell as i am buying a van for the business.

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