Hi all.

Not sure if these are of interest to anyone but getting ten of these in on Tuesday / Wednesday next week.

12V 1A Battery Charger. Fully Automatic diagnostic charger and maintainer. Suitable for all 12V batteries including lead-acid, sealed lead acid and gel-filled

# Reverse Polarity Protection
# Identifies and recovers deeply discharged batteries
# Short circuit protection
# Thermal protection
# Over-charge prevention
# Interchangeable connection leads
# LED status indicators
# Suitable for medium to longterm charging
# Charge battery whilst still connected to vehicle
# Includes interchangeable leads
(crocodile clamp and terminal type)

They also include a waterproof fused permanent fixing:

They are 34.95 (30 if you want to collect) including post to mainland uk. Or if you don't want the waterproof permanent fixing 28.99 (25 to collect).

Like I said may not be of interest but would rather some of you guys had first refusal before they go on my website.