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Thread: sp for sale

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    sp for sale

    not mine but if i had the money

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    Me thinks he is a little ambitious with the price tho

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    a little lmao

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    BIG UN
    im know i wouldnt be buying that if i had 7.5k!
    i know theres special bits on it ect,but youd have to forever tell everyone how special is it ect to justify it,and theyd still think it looks like an early standard mille.

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    whats he done with the oz wheels?

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    From what i heard recently

    The low numbered sp's came with a carbon single tail
    Oz & brembo wheels

    The higher numbers got the twin seat tail
    oz's & brembos wheels

    Yes at 7.5 a little dear
    My mates got one he didn't pay any wear near that

    Ok it looks like a early mille

    You have to ride one before really passing judgement on if there worth it or not
    There in a league of there own over the rsv/rsvrs

    I was out with a my mate on his sp few weeks back he was 2 up me solo
    Had some spirited riding, my bikes tweaked a fair amount & on performance i couldn't get near him

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    BIG UN
    fair do's pal,as you say,i havent riden one.
    still wouldnt pay 7.5k for it.
    if your mates was no were near that price,that sounds like a bargain
    if theyre as good as you reckon.personaly,id rather have a nice rsvr for 3.5k and pocket the rest or get a new style blade ect.

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