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Thread: Suzuki GSXR 600 K4 For Sale

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    Suzuki GSXR 600 K4 For Sale

    The wrong forum i no but worth a shot

    selling due to wanting to try the RSV so any PX welcome

    any info wanted just ask...this is priced to sell

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    BIG UN
    good bike for the money.
    has it been over,as the left hand bobbins scratched and the engine casing?

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    Hiya mate, My step dad came back from fishing last weekend and my bike was in the way of the drive so he got out the car and pushed it forward, as he was leaning it back on its stand it folded under and he dropped the bike, not hard as he was in the way but enough to mark the casing slightly (only flaked the paint a little) you could imagine i went bonkers but was a mistake i cant go to mad at him, lol

    It is the cheapest K4 600 i can find anywhere at 3100, BUT i have found a mille i want so the first 2900 takes it or 2950 if i tax it tomorrow....Now in my eyes thats a real bargain

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