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Thread: Power Commander 3 For Sale. Came from 02 RSVR

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    Power Commander 3 For Sale. Came from 02 RSVR

    As the above.

    I bought this as I was going to put my Akro Full system on the bike. The Akro system is now sold so the PC3 will be going as well before i out my bike up for sale soon.

    For those fo you not up to speed with these it is currently set up for the Akro system but it can very easily have new maps downloaded onto it from your/ yourmate's laptop.

    There is a huge list in the Power Commander website of various exhaust systems/airfilter combinations and you just select one which is subsequently downloaded onto your bike which will provide an appropriate air/fuel mixture for your bike.




    PS. unfortunatley i have no packaging for it. Full instalation instructions are avialable on the power commander website.

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    My bike's a 2006 and Dynojet UK lists a 908 for that year. Is it a 902 or a 908 model?

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    not sure mate. will check and get back to you.

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