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Thread: Carbon Rear Hugger

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    Carbon Rear Hugger

    As the title says peeps

    This is the original Aprilia hugger that was fitted to an 01 RSVR ...... you know the score:

    Gel coat finished
    Faded / discoloured carbon finish
    Cracks in the gel-coat
    Whitening / milking around the edges

    Not any longer .................

    All gel-coat removed ...... now has 12 layers of lacquer
    Eliminated the discolouring
    No cracks in the lacquered finish
    Milking removed by removing gel-coat
    Decal and paintwork sandwiched into the lacquer
    perfect mirror finish, now with UV protection so is not gonna fade.

    45 inclusive of postage ...... for the best Aprilia manufactured carbon hugger your gonna get

    When its gone ......... its gone

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    PM sent

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    Would you be willing to do this to some other fenders if I send them too you? There all clouded, front/back fender and the dash cover.

    Ill try to find someone here, but nobody wants to repair carbon, they just want to sell me their stuff

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    Any chance of PM'ing some close up pics mate?

    I'll help if i can ...... the trouble is with alot of carbon its more work restore than finishing from new.

    Everyones work is different ( standards ) so its possible to take the task on could be opening a right can of worms.....

    I aint saying yours is good or bad but in my experience from the people I've done this work for on the site in the past ..... the finished job has been superior to the original ( there words not mine )....

    Being honest I've lost out hours to completion on every job

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