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Thread: Breaking 2002 Rsv R

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    Breaking 2002 Rsv R

    Lots of breaking lately here

    So, my friend is breaking his 02r, so Im helping him sell the parts, it has not been crashed or anything, he just doesnt want to wait for a buyer, so his breaking it.

    I dont have any nicer pictures than this for now. He will send me the prices and pictures in a few days. (the black one is his efcorse)

    For now everything is avaliable, except the fork, becaus I will probably take them, but you could buy my nice Showas

    You are always welcome to collect if you come to Slovenia, or he can sent it by mail, ask for shipping cost. Offers to my PM, will post the prices as soon as posible.

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    My friend changed his mind, so please delete this topic.

    Sry all, I didnt know it will be like this

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