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Thread: RSV Mille Bodywork/ Fairings For Track Use or Repair

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    RSV Mille Bodywork/ Fairings For Track Use or Repair

    For sale is an Set of RSV 2001 Fairings (crash damaged) Perfect for Trackdays or Repair jobby.

    Included in this Set is:

    1 x Front Fairing
    2 x Side Fairing panels (both right sides no left)
    1 x Bellypan
    1 x V piece for bellypan
    1 x Seat Unit
    1 x Rear Hugger
    1 x Clock Surround
    1 x Carbon Fibre Ear (left side)

    These are all genuine aprilia parts and all are scuffed here and there 100% useable for the track or repair,

    OFFERS also if you require the items be sent to you, expect to pay roughly 25-30 for postage, collect is welcome, Im in London near Stratford.

    Please note the picture below is when the fairings were mint! They aren't anymore!

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    offers on the ball park of? need some replacements ones for when I take mine off for painting but not wanting to spend a lot

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    offers in any region, I wont get offended don't worry, im sure we can sort something out

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