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Thread: MIVV Titanium oval sportline RSV 98-03

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    MIVV Titanium oval sportline RSV 98-03

    Suits standard hanger or my Ti version below. bit fruity 103db at 3/4 revs. no baffle.

    Akrapovic carbon strap

    very light marks to outer can, might polish out

    small scuff to leading edge

    doesn't really notice on bike only under close inspection!

    very light and lovely noise

    I didn't need to remap / PC my bike for it to run fine

    should suit mk1 Tuono too

    70 + postage

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    comes complete with link pipe down to original join.

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    Ok that's a nice exhaust, I am afraid postage would spoil it for me.
    Guys buy it and schorten the link pipe at both ends for 1 or 2 inch and you have a great pipe!!

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    SOLD! Thanks.

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