I have arranged an Aprilia only discount for the SYNCROtech Quickhsifters we have been discussing these stand alone units on a seperate thread here SP (shift power) QS kits - RSVR.NET Forums - Page 1 and i contacted Rado the proprieter to see if he would allow a group buy.

He has come back with a generous 15% discount ,

now this isnt a need 5 or 10 people to qualify this is across the board for any amount so its all good but the catch is its for 1 month only

these are stand alone units so do not need to plug into a pc3
due to the nature of the quickshifter they need a shift rod to enable them to work not a direct lever like rsv/tuono's aprilia performance rearsets ideal ... falco's will be ok

>> The shift rods I supply are dual thread and can be cut to size or you

>> can give me the measurements on each bike and I will supply you with

>> precut ready to fit configuration. Regarding the sensor each one will

>> have to state which type of sensor is required PULL or PUSH. Please

>> look at the attached pictures on website for reference on how to determine the

>> type and length of shift rod required! Also you can use the online

>> Enquiry form to place each motorcycle details!

here is his current ebay ad
SP Quickshifter Aprilia RSV1000R, RSV4, V4R, RSV1000Mille Complete System Racing | eBay

as you can see with postage it comes out to 231.50 with the discount he offered me in the email 192+8.50 = 200.50..i can see there is a difference in shipping but its still a good deal in my eyes

-"15% the retail for one month which is

> 226 -15% = 192 plus 8.50 shipping costs since each package will go

> to a different location. The discount code will be available for

> 30-days and it will apply to Aprilia motorcycles only"
the discount code "APR0315" it will be active until the 31st of March. The enquiry form is not a direct link for buying items, each buyer must send an enquiry and then he will receive PayPal invoice for the amount to the indicated email address

Shift Power

so its over to you guys if you are serious go ahead and order i'll be posting this on other aprilia forums so you may well read it else where .