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Thread: CARBON FIBRE ... " Back to Life "

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    CARBON FIBRE ... " Back to Life "

    CARBON FIBRE - Back to Life

    Hope this guide is of use to the people that want to bring their carbon fibre “ Back to Life “

    Here is the technique I use when that new look is required on customers bikes.

    NOTE: This guides is written with the intention of preparing the surface finish of carbon fibre to provide an acceptable surface to apply a lacquered clearcoat finish.

    Different manufacturers use different finishes on their carbon components. Be aware that in my experience the finish is generally dictated by ease of production/quick turnaround rather than that of a quality factor.

    The three most common finishes are:

    * No coating finish at all

    * Clear gel-coat finish

    * Lacquered clearcoat finish (Boyler products)

    Not sure what surface finish your carbon has ?? Time to investigate.
    Starting with 800 grade Wet N Dry and copious amounts of water, lightly rub the surface finish of your carbon part. Water turns black ? Then its odds on there is no surface coating at all, ie your part is neat carbon.

    This guide will cover preparing neat carbon only ………

    Surface Preparation of Neat Carbon

    In this scenario it’s a case of rubbing with Wet N Dry which is no more course than 600 grade and plenty of water, rubbing with anything more course will leave behind small scratches in the carbon. There is no need to rub with anything finer that 1000 grade at this stage in the preparation or at all before lacquering ….. but ……. keep the water coming.

    Once you have rubbed/prepared the surface to be lacquered, the part will be dull looking in appearance. At this stage the surface finish may have “ bright spots “ due to surface depressions caused either by manufacturing defects or knocks and chips through wear and tear. DO NOT continue with the same rubbing technique to eliminate these, all you will do is distort the weave pattern of the carbon around the surface “ bright spot.“ A better method of dulling the bright spots is to use a Scotch Brite pad and rub the pad all over the surface area. Take care when rubbing as it will remove more of the surface finish than you would think.

    Once satisfied with your finish, place the part under running water and rub with a sponge. Be vigorous, your trying to get the loose carbon material removed out of all the surface imperfections (yes, there will be pin holes.)

    Now is the time to make use of your compressor and blow away any debris not previously remove by water and sponge. The debris will show as a lighter colour than the carbon finish and will settle in the pin holes. It all needs to be removed, do not be frightened to repeat the water and sponge process until completely satisfied.


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    mine is all Boyler carbon, "quality" looks great all the time answer ya PM's cos I want some more.

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    nice guide mate....have you got a website boyler?......was it you that could get the rear taillight surround made for a 98-00 mille?

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    Alright neil, that was me but need at least 5 people

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    Thx for this great writeup. Just what I needed for my dull OEM carbon

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    Hi Boyler, nice write up

    Like Smiffy said now check your PM's

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    So the OEM is clear coated?

    Just to confirm?


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    Ive made it a sticky cause its a frequently asked question

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    I have aftermarket kevlar/carbon fibre fairings in ugly color, could i just sand the paint completely off it to make it look like... well, carbon fibre?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
    So the OEM is clear coated?

    Just to confirm?

    Don't think so.

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    boyler has stopped doing carbon due to work commitments am told . hope its not true....

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    I have to say, after buying (very reasonably - thanks guys, you know who you are) 2 bits of carbon in need of a little work, this technique DOES work!! I also discovered that initially I'm crap and impatient at lacquering.....
    However, more sanding, more patience and it's a bloody miracle!!! The front mudguard was very milky and very patchy (I was aware) but its come up just about like new. A couple more coats of lacquer and it'll be fab. MASSIVE thanks to Boyler for the write up. And, folks. if I can do it, anyone can!!! However, if anyone wants any doing, just shout. Pics to follow, but I don't have a "before"....

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    Done mine recently and its come up a treat

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    Oi mate thanks for the tip.... had a wack at it last night and it came out perfect on the front tonight I'll have a go at the back one!!!!

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